About MOTT

Men of the Trees in Western Australia is a not-for-profit, Incorporated Association, founded in 1979. Since that time it has planted more than 13 million seedlings to prevent the spread of deserts, erosion and salinity. Members, sponsors, donors, community and corporate volunteers have been part of making a difference in Western Australia. You too can be involved in this great work.

MOTT takes a leadership role by bringing people together from all walks of life, to grow trees and shrubs and to undertake revegetation activities with the community, partners and volunteers to improve the health, productivity and sustainability of degraded land.

We are respected nationally for promoting an awareness of the role of trees in the environment and thereby their contribution to the welfare of mankind.



  • Care for and respect the Land
  • Care for and respect People
  • Share the Surplus

The above Principles are based on Permaculture Ethics developed by Holmgren and Mollison. MOTT has adopted these as MOTT has not been able to better these principles as guiding principles for the whole organisation.

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